Textile Design, BA (Hons)

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The BA (Hons) Textile Design class of 2022 degree show presents the creative output of our students who have specialised in surface pattern design, textile design and textile art.

As we navigate what a new future holds the students explore celebrating an era of hope and optimism and have blended the joy of tactility & hands on experimentation with digital.  The return to studios and indeed  the creative community with in the Fashion and Textile department has enabled our students to be in tune with their practice which has lent itself to conversations that have allowed for idea development to flourish.

There has been a clear desire to spread their wings investigating themes around far flung destinations and cultures in addition to reminiscing on childhood narratives.  As a course we continue to push boundaries and embrace a range of techniques from laser cutting, dyeing, digital embroidery to tufting.

We are proud of the class of 2022 and their vision for future success and desire to succeed, the final collections highlight a range of innovative designs which is a testament to their adaptability and resilience. The students will graduate with the creative skills to succeed in their chosen textiles career.

Kayleigh Alice Bradburn's portfolio
Kayleigh Alice Bradburn
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Holly Walling's portfolio
Holly Walling
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Debra Anne Smith's portfolio
Debra Anne Smith
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Chelsea Nelson's portfolio
Chelsea Nelson
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Emma Arnett's portfolio
Emma Arnett
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Jade Bleasdale's portfolio
Jade Bleasdale
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Claire Keeley's portfolio
Claire Keeley
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Shannon Heald's portfolio
Shannon Heald
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Lauren Burgess's portfolio
Lauren Burgess
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Amber Tamika Cartledge's portfolio
Amber Tamika Cartledge
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