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The MA studio has had a busy year with such a diverse range of project proposals; Dreamscapes for designers, embracing natures seasons in all their glory, educational spaces focussing on violence against women and a Black heritage and cultural centre in the heart of Liverpool. This is just a snapshot of the breadth of projects our Interior Design MA students have been working on.

It’s been fantastic seeing these projects develop and brought to life as the students have worked tirelessly as they prepare for their exhibition to showcase their work. We of course wish all our graduates the very best for their future careers in the world of design.


Rochelle Reid's portfolio
Rochelle Reid
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Ivor Hrast's portfolio
Ivor Hrast
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Brittany Evans's portfolio
Brittany Evans
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Taanushri Sharma's portfolio
Taanushri Sharma
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Benita Zinevic's portfolio
Benita Zinevic
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Georgia Gascoigne's portfolio
Georgia Gascoigne
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Veronika Lecza's portfolio
Veronika Lecza
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Carys Lavin's portfolio
Carys Lavin
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