Master of Graphic Design

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This year the Graphic Design MA showcases work that is as creative as it is diverse, harnessing both traditional and digital technologies. Many of the themes chosen for exploration are very personal to the students, and the work shows a maturity both intellectually and through its execution. Graphic design is ultimately a platform for communication and with this in mind, we hope you find the work intriguing, surprising and thought provoking.

Samiya Rahman's portfolio
Samiya Rahman
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Laura Darbyshire's portfolio
Laura Darbyshire
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Christian Garlick's portfolio
Christian Garlick
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Amina Sidat's portfolio
Amina Sidat
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Stephanie Bates's portfolio
Stephanie Bates
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Grace Mutton's portfolio
Grace Mutton
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Yidan Xu's portfolio
Yidan Xu
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Yifan Guo's portfolio
Yifan Guo
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