Master of Ceramics

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MA in Ceramics is a challenging course that allows students to explore the creative potential of clay and diversity of opportunities within ceramics. The course embraces all facets of ceramic practice, including craft and design, functional, decorative or conceptual, one-off or mass production, sculptural or architectural, nearly all of which is demonstrated through the diverse work exhibited in the MA Degree exhibition of 2022.

The work exhibited showcases selected works from several individual makers and celebrates their achievements during what has been a challenging few years. The work represents the end of their MA journey with us but signifies the starting point of a journey forward in the creative practice.

Andrea Welsh's portfolio
Andrea Welsh
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Sally Bate's portfolio
Sally Bate
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Marilyn Nearney's portfolio
Marilyn Nearney
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Madeline Wynne's portfolio
Madeline Wynne
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Kathryn Stevens's portfolio
Kathryn Stevens
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Patricia Helen Jones's portfolio
Patricia Helen Jones
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Geoff Elliott's portfolio
Geoff Elliott
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