Graphic Design, BA (Hons)

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This Degree Show brings together the work of graduating students from BA (Hons) Graphic Design in an exhibition of the very best of the UK’s industry-ready work. The exhibition comprises a mixture of design focused portfolios, printed artwork, illustrations, films, digital slideshows, design scamps, branding, typography and packaging. Take a look at our students’ amazing work to see for yourself.

Aishah Patel's portfolio
Aishah Patel
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Matthew Duncan's portfolio
Matthew Duncan
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Alex Fanning's portfolio
Alex Fanning
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Jade Parkinson's portfolio
Jade Parkinson
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Ruotong Lu's portfolio
Ruotong Lu
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Rachael Priestley's portfolio
Rachael Priestley
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Jade Hyde's portfolio
Jade Hyde
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Kiya Burrell's portfolio
Kiya Burrell
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Eliza Place's portfolio
Eliza Place
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Hasan Lokhat's portfolio
Hasan Lokhat
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Georgia Bromley's portfolio
Georgia Bromley
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George Busi's portfolio
George Busi
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Rebecca Fee's portfolio
Rebecca Fee
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Fahima Patel's portfolio
Fahima Patel
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