Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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Welcome to a virtual exhibition of artwork created by UCLan’s graduating BA (Hons) Fine Art students. Here, thirty dynamic projects exemplify the exciting world of contemporary art practice, using media such as VR technology, performance, painting, printmaking, sound, animation, drawing, found objects, video, installation, woodwork and photography.

The exploratory and broad nature of our BA (Hons) Fine Art course, and the wide range of specialist support on offer, provides a rich environment for students to develop their individual practices without limitations. The environmental crisis, LGBTQ+ communities, de-colonisation, feminism and mental health are just some of the subjects being addressed by this cohort. There are also projects that display a strong focus on material exploration, as plaster, wood, cardboard and found objects are manipulated, combined and transformed.

We would like to congratulate our graduating students on developing such an innovative and inspiring collection of works.

Maariyah Patel's portfolio
Maariyah Patel
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Jessica Gleave's portfolio
Jessica Gleave
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Thomas Cartwright's portfolio
Thomas Cartwright
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Libby Firth's portfolio
Libby Firth
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Krystal Hutchinson's portfolio
Krystal Hutchinson
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Rebekah Gault's portfolio
Rebekah Gault
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Sara Polli's portfolio
Sara Polli
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Gizelle Molnar's portfolio
Gizelle Molnar
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Sebastian Michael Hall's portfolio
Sebastian Michael Hall
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Peter Mahoney's portfolio
Peter Mahoney
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Carolyn Jack's portfolio
Carolyn Jack
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Ren Taylor's portfolio
Ren Taylor
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Zachary David Baxter's portfolio
Zachary David Baxter
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Val Gedge's portfolio
Val Gedge
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Samantha Mharni Arden's portfolio
Samantha Mharni Arden
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Claire Williams's portfolio
Claire Williams
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Antony Dixon's portfolio
Antony Dixon
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