Creative Advertising, BA (Hons)

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The Creative Advertising 2022 Degree Show brings together graduates who combine written and visual creativity with the aim of changing behaviour.

Projects here go far beyond traditional advertising and include award-winning ideas that not only helps to redefine products and services (everything from airlines to radio stations), but also change the way we look at current social issues, such as food waste, healthcare and the environment.

Over three years our graduates have worked alongside leading ad agencies and organisations and are set to enter a changing world as the next generation of creatives that will be solving the problems we don’t yet know exist.

Carolina Ferraro Perez-Luna's portfolio
Carolina Ferraro Perez-Luna
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Lee Daniel Hughes's portfolio
Lee Daniel Hughes
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Mia McGlynn's portfolio
Mia McGlynn
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Jemima Richardson's portfolio
Jemima Richardson
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