Animation, BA (Hons)

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Welcome to BA (Hons) Animation Degree Show 2022. You will find a collection of the work produced from this year’s finalist students. Work ranges from short animated films to graphic novels demonstrating the talent of UCLan Animation 2021. We hope you enjoy the show.

Anastasija Mjakosina's portfolio
Anastasija Mjakosina
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Jake Powell Foster's portfolio
Jake Powell Foster
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Joe OMullane's portfolio
Joe OMullane
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Samuel Bayley's portfolio
Samuel Bayley
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Erin Rose Wilson's portfolio
Erin Rose Wilson
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Glyn Rodberd's portfolio
Glyn Rodberd
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Griffin Goss's portfolio
Griffin Goss
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Kyle Bird's portfolio
Kyle Bird
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Gavin Moscrop's portfolio
Gavin Moscrop
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Riley James Terence Hibbert's portfolio
Riley James Terence Hibbert
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