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Zachary David Baxter

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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Throughout my studies I have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with a variety of concepts and mediums within art. Although I have previously appreciated working with paint and pencil drawing, my explorations with sculptural materials have been a breakthrough for me as an artist.

I started this project by researching for my interest in how the after-effects of colonialist practices are still present within British museums. I investigated how museums displays and artefacts have been violently removed from their countries of origin through colonialist practices, and how these collections might be reconsidered in a post-colonialist, anti-racist context.

I wanted to reflect on my personal ancestral history, shown in a museum setting replacing artefacts that should be respected elsewhere. The aim was to bring my ancestral history to the surface in the form of artefacts and display them using the language of museum making.

Heritage Collection

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Heritage Collection

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Keywords: History, Art, Uclan, Uclan Fine art, fine art, Colonialism, British History, British Museum, Museum, Artefacts, Heritage, Woodwork, Wood Carving, Sculpture

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