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Shihan Xian

Master of Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion

About me

Hello / 你好!

My name is Shihan, an aspiring designer from China. For me, fashion design was an instrument to bring my passion for style and innovation to the eyes and ears of those around me.

From my classical piano playing, to my modern artistic drawings and designs, I love to apply my many artistic skills and thoughts into the practical medium of fashion design, and then combine it with my unique approach to promotion to bring real life concerns and modern developments to the forefront.

Birthed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and brought to fruition through adapting new materials and trends, as well as cooperation with The North Face, the “Survivalist” series jacket uses a new antibacterial fabric that allows the jacket to be both stylish and protective. To accompany this, and by modifying existing North Face packaging methods, the product features entirely recyclable materials and a unique seed-embedded tag that isn’t just environmentally friendly, but actively helps to combat pollution.

Keywords: Covid-19, Environmental, Antibacterial

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