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Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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About me

Throughout my time in the Fine Art Undergraduate programme at Uclan, I have been interested in developing the connections between art and scientific reason. I have explored the connections to art and psychology. This development has been foregrounded by my creation of blind drawings, of which have been in production since the second year of my course. I have taken pride in my involvement in three exhibitions that have taken place at Uclan throughout the past two academic years: ‘Isolation’ (23rd – 27th November 2020); ‘For the Love of (Im)possibilities: Women Daring to Defy the System’ (16th – 23rd April 2021); and ‘I AM’ (31st Janurary – 25th Februrary 2022). Of these three exhibitions, I have curated both ‘Isolation’ and ‘I AM’, as well as presented work in all three and I also look forward to exhibiting at this end of year show.

The impact of human psychology and how we view the world around us is vital to how art can be perceived as documentation. I was initially informed by Claude Heath’s project “Blindfold Drawings”. I generated my own process using the filming of my eye movements and then tracking this using mark-making.

The significance of this project is to show that art is valuable as a psychological document. My work is a comment on fighting back against the position of aesthetics within modernity, in which the process used was held in greater esteem than the final outcome.

Eye-Tracking Drawing

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Projection of Drawing Process

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Disconnected Drawing

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Blind Drawing 01

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Miniature Blind Drawings

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Blind Drawing 2

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Keywords: fineart, fine art, film, video, projection, illustration, mark-making, drawing, blinddrawing, blind drawing, black and white, blackandwhite, documentation, aesthetics

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