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Within this year, I have gained a understanding of Life Drawing.

During my last project I learned to use Blender with no prior experience within 7 weeks and bring 4 finished pieces.

While in the academic year have been volunteering to help Andrew with a weekend club to help teenagers with art.

I’ve gained a appreciation for Fine Art and want to continue and help others understand and learn as well.

My Projects can be summarised to be “Understanding” and “Motivation” I feel as though I have let myself down throughout these projects however gave people a true look at what I’m capable of within my last project and am hoping to show the same work ethic and motivation as I showed within my last project in future projects.

Burnley Is My Burano 1

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Burnley Is My Burano 2

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Burnley Is My Burano 3

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Burnley Is My Burano 4

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Keywords: unique, forward thinking

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