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Rhianna McAteer

Photography, BA (Hons)


About me

I am a self portrait photographer, being surrounded by creative people I began aiming my work a contemporary style. Working with various materials I moved my work towards fashion this year.

Working with portraits and doing self portraiture I found it to be very interesting as I have creative freedom over my images. Creating a body of work over the past year as allowed me to develop my practice and allowed me to grow as a photographer.

Working with a team of colleagues has really allowed me to feel connected to people when working with them.

This body of work explores a global issue known has pollution, exploring various materials I aimed to create props from the items. The work is not designed to be in the viewers faces, it is designed to make the viewer more aware of the objects they are throwing out. The work ranges from portraiture moving into self portraiture to show diversity into the projects. Black and white portraits show the raw humanity of the images, as there is no distractions created by colour. Allowing this work to grow as allowed me to create a body of work into this topic.

Royal Guilt 1

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Royal 2

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Royal Guilt 3

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Royal Guilt 4

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Royal Guilt 5

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Royal Guilt 6

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The Aftermath of Our Own Demise 1

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The Aftermath of Our Own Demise 2

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Keywords: Pollution, Plastic waste, Fashion, Self Portraiture, Contemporay

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