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Little did I know about myself until I studied for a B.A. in fine art. I was 41, recovering from an accident that impaired me physically and mentally, and I was told I would not be able to work again. After an unexpected encounter with”Haystacks”, Claude Monet had left me dumbfounded, and the loss of my sister Lindsey to cancer 6 months before starting my studies, I had witnessed her fight for life. A Steel core presented as Silk, whose words “Be free Pete..Just be free” had inspired me spiritually and set me on a crusade to find meaning. The meaning was to find out- as someone with a diagnosis of Aspergers and A.D.D who I was and what more could I achieve? A career of 14 years as a Vauxhall technician, a bit in the middle, to having accomplished a degree in fine art. Masters degree next?

Aspects key to the development of the work has been to develop a firm psychological, Philosophical, ethical and spiritual understanding from studio tutorials; studied simultaneously with the art History Module- critically examining key moments in art practice and theory that have helped to shape current debates within contemporary art, providing me with an understanding of where the work I create, resides in the Universality of contemporary art practice. Additionally, regular visits to art galleries and museums provide exposure to a broad range of art that will subliminally influence my decision-making.


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Keywords: contemporary fine art, Capitaloscene, installation art, blue, artist, Thinker, Spiritual, truth, maker of art

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