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Maariyah Patel

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


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I would describe myself as a Textile Artist who utilises materials which have a sensory engagement and playfulness. Through out my studies, my most important accomplishment is designing and installing ‘Feather Weight’, my degree show piece. I am also proud to say I have received my first Fine Art related publication in the a-n Degree Show Guide. Through participating in the UCLan cJAM event, where participants pitch to a panel of Fine Art professionals, I was excited to receive mentorship with the Grundy Art gallery. I was also ecstatic to receive 4-week long internships at the Bluecoat Gallery and Macclesfield Museum.

I feel I have developed a unique practise utilising conventional textile thought modernised with 3D print technology. I enjoy being as experimental and playful with my mediums as possible and hope to widen the use of unconventional materials in my future artist practise.

This project is a culmination of experimentation within the realms of textile and 3D print technology. With use of crafting thought, more specifically the use of machine sewing, it concentrates on making repetitive actions as a grounding technique to reach a meditative state of mind. Each piece created throughout this project embodies layers that work together to create a harmony and present an outwardly strength. Yet if one element is removed, the sculpture no longer holds or will collapse entirely. This is reflective of mental state that is stable under perfect circumstance, yet fragile when strained.


  • Society and Sustainability Award

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Keywords: Textile, Mental Health, Playful, Experimental, Conceptual, Vibrant, Meditative, Craft, Architectural, Sensory, Installation, Sculpture

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