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I’m 18 Years old and I’ve just completed my foundation year in Architecture. This year, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, from studying new sketching techniques to creating insanely precise fine models. I never imagined I’d close the year with so many accomplishments. The nomination for the degree show awards is my proudest achievement. This was one of my most significant accomplishments  yet, hopefully with many more to come. One of my main highlights for me this year was making models. I’ve really enjoyed working in the model making studio. When I first came in to this studio back in September I had never touched any sort of materials such as MDF or Acrylics etc and had never used any of the machines to make models. From making my first ever concept model to making my final pieces has been an incredible journey thanks to the tutors around me.

Lord Street Art Gallery – Based in Southport. We were required to create an Art Gallery with our chosen theme.

Off-Grid Retreat – Based in Formby. We had to design a Beach House. The Beach House is placed on high sand dunes and due to the sea-levels rising due to climate change we were required to place stilts.

Avenham park Nursery School – Based in Preston. Our task was to design a Nursery and Primary School within the same building. Our aim was to ensure we didn’t block the view of the open field and sun for residents.


  • Society and Sustainability Award


  • Nomination for the Degree Awards Show

Final Piece of the Avenham Park Nursery School

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Final Off-grid retreat Beach house

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Final Lord Street Art gallery

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Beach House Final Model

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Final Avenham Park Nursery School

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School Floor Plans

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Final Axonometric drawings of the school

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Isometric drawings of the School

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Cross Section of the School

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Keywords: Hearing Disability, foundation year - architecture, 18 years old

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