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Marilyn Nearney

Master of Ceramics

About me

My work is an emotive response to features of the woodland and landscape of the Cliviger Gorge in Lancashire. Hand built, sculptural forms reflect my perceptions of the changes occurring within the natural world, both above and below the ground.

This project began in the woods surrounding Towneley Hall in Burnley, progressing into the Lancashire landscape of the Cliviger Gorge. Although the landscape appears outwardly serene, huge changes are taking place. Cycles of growth, decay, and renewal are happening
beneath the forest floor within the underground fungal network. Through observation and research surrounding the hidden life of the forest and the geology of the Gorge, this project created a series of sculptural forms which represent aspects of the woodland and landscape – my perceptions of the natural world, both the visible and the unseen.

Landscape Pieces

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Thieveley Scout

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Keywords: ceramics, landscape, woodland, trees, hidden, fungal

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