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Master of Architecture (Part II), MArch


About me

I am an architectural designer from Merseyside, with a passion for science fiction and futurism. My work this year has shared a common goal; to conceptualise of the future city in regard to the accelerating technological development witnessed in the past century.

My work emphasises the importance of digitalisation and online data, and its transformative effect on the urban landscape. My written thesis was titled Ephemeralization: The Future City, in which the recent, acceleratory evolution of society is argued to be the result of development in informational technology amplifying the feedback between societal systems. My design thesis, building on this idea is an urban data centre, integrated into the city in an efficient, humane and sustainable fashion.

Ephemeralization: “To do more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing” -Buckminster Fuller

Architecture was once restricted due to limitations regarding interior climate control. Artificial climates in the future city will unite much larger structures.

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As the demand for new architecture increases, and the cost of material and labour declines, architecture in the future city will become even less permanent.

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A large portion of what were once human jobs have been automated in the pursuit of efficiency, and this trend will persist into the future.

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The aim of this thesis is to conceptualise of a new architectural typology that supports the development of large scale digital infrastructure.

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While large scale urban data centres exist, the typology has yet to integrate with the city. Their situation lacks interaction with their urban systems, resulting in undesirable structures being dispassionately placed.

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A centralised form of infrastructure would offer optimal transfer speeds while maintaining the convenience of a cloud based system.

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Every effort should be made to prevent the desocialisation of such central space. The entrance to the Data Silo lies at the bottom of a sloping public square.

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Keywords: architecture, urban, future, city, ephemeralization, buckminster fuller, data centre, data center, deisgn, project, skyscraper, highrise, diagrid, underground, cgi, photoshop, blender, plans

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