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Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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During my time on the Fine Art course i have had the chance to experiment with many different materials and themes and my work has developed largely since first year. I mainly focus on taking traditional or historical painting styles and incorporating them into my work. Combining these themes with more modern ideologies that i am passionate about, such as feminine strength and connections with nature.

Taking part in the course has also given me more opportunities to advertise my work in exhibitions and online as i have learnt how to build a professional brand and earn commission work.

In this project I chose to recreate Sir John Everett Millais’ ‘Ophelia’ as well as rewrite the Shakespearian story behind the piece, in order to reintroduce it into a more contemporary art space. I focused on reversing the roles between Ophelia and Hamlet in my paintings, with Hamlet appearing to be the more pitiful of the two. As well as depicting their characteristics and backstories through symbolism taken from Millais painting that I adapted into intricate tattoos covering the pairs bodies.

Ophelia & Hamlet

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Keywords: Hamlet, Ophelia, Oil, Painting, Figurative

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