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Krystal Hutchinson

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am a multimedia Conceptual artist.
Who creates art predominantly concerned with my personal experiences as a woman brought up in Northern Ireland, incorporating femininity and Irish history. Some of my most recent works have been externally exhibited in “No Location” online exhibition (2021) and “For the love of (Im)possibilities: women daring to defy the system” online exhibition (16th April – 7th May 2021)

lost voices is based on the history of Ireland and evolution of the native language. I examined the dead Irish language “ogham”. Taking a small section of my own poetry translating to Irish, then to ogham whilst staying true to the origins treating it as if it never died out creating a contemporary form of Ogham. The sculptures themselves create sound giving an audible voice to the work without spoken language taking away the complexity of words and making the outcome a concise visual and audio form.


  • Winner of the McCracken cup for art and design student of the year 2014

lost voices

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Keywords: irish, northern irish, ireland, history, sculpture, sound sculpture, sound art, contempary, wooden sculpture, instrments, poet, poetry, irish poet

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