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Kierra Ceanne Gray

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

I am a self-portrait photographer, taking influence from fashion and contemporary photography.

After taking on self-portraiture as a solution to lockdown restrictions, I realised how much creative freedom I have and have since created a body of work focusing on both my personal experiences and those of people connected to me.

The Feminine Issue is a body of work that collectively explores ideas around stereotypes, expectations and experiences of feminine presenting people. The work, created using self-portraiture, covered a range of ideas and topics that has been inspired by personal experiences, social and traditional media, and general interactions. Such ideas include, the grooming standards of women, domestic and social expectations alongside others.


  • Society and Sustainability Award

Kitchen Couture

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The Male Gaze

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Are You Ready Yet?

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Sorry, I Haven't shaved!

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Sit Quiet and Look Pretty

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Keywords: self portraiture, fashion, narrative, studio photography

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