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Graphic Design, BA (Hons)

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Hi my name is Kiya but everyone calls me Kiki. I am a Graphic Design graduate.

When I’m not engrossed in my work I always find myself reading, allowing the creative flow to inspire me to write my own books which I wish to publish.

I have always been a creative soul ever since I was a child, from drawing to painting to designing my work digital, I’ve always found a way to enhance my work and try and improve myself.

From studying at UCLAN it has taught me that simple designs can be just as effective as an intricate one. It has also pushed me to fight for my ideas even when others don’t see the vision. Packaging and Branding have come to be two of my favourite topics in the Graphics Industry.

I have included my work email, my Instagram and LinkedIn, feel free to get in touch!

Queen of Scots, a Flex Scotch of tomorrow for the next generation of hustlers. My solution was to create a brand of Chivas Whiskey that targeted women, the soul creators of the spicy flavoured drink, a reminder of their power and importance in the industry.

My passion is to write. My writing inspires my work as a graphic designer, taking the ideas from my creative mind and putting them down on paper – a small insight into my imagination. I based my final project on designing the book-covers for ‘The Lost Chronicles of Rhysia’, a series of 5 fantasy books.

Queen of Scots ~ Front & Back of Bottle

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Queen of Scots ~ Glass with and without whiskey

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Queen of Scots ~ Bottle Lid

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Queen of Scots ~ Packaging

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Queen of Scots ~ Booklet

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The Lord Chronicles of Rhysia ~ Dust-jacket Books 1-4

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The Lord Chronicles of Rhysia ~ Hardback 1-4

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The Lord Chronicles of Rhysia ~ Bookmarks

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The Lord Chronicles of Rhysia ~ Map of Rhysia

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The Lord Chronicles of Rhysia ~ Character Illustrations

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Keywords: Graphic Design, UCLAN, Chivas Whiskey, Book covers

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