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About me

I am an extremely passionate and creative person. I have had a massive interest in video games since being a small child. My main area of focus is 3D environment art using the Unreal Engine. One of my greatest achievements to date is completing a bachelors degree in Game design at Uclan. I decided to pursue this further by undergoing a masters degree in the field. This has given me the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of video game development and given me a better understanding of the processes involved when creating 3D game ready assets.

My Initial MA research explores the design pipelines and methodology used by industry professionals and independent developers to create game ready 3D assets. The rationale behind the project is to highlight the reasons why having a structured assets pipeline in place can prove to be highly beneficial to video game development. I have executed this through the creation of a development document alongside the 3D environment art I have created in Unreal Engine 5. My work is accessible through my online development diary and videos are available on my Youtube.

Keywords: Games Design, Art, 3D, Uclan, Masters

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