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Hasan Lokhat

Graphic Design, BA (Hons)

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About me

Hasan Lokhat – Final Year Graphic Design. Im quite proud to add onto UCLAN’s tradition of having a D&AD New Blood Awards pencil.

I have a real passion for design, and love creating / experimenting with new styles and trends.

Seems like the degree show online has a certain limit to quality / no videos so please check out my project on this link…


Spotify Wrapped is released in December every year. People share it on social media and brag about what they listen to. We are going to turn this into a Top Trumps competition.

Spotifys AI engine will pitch users against others daily.

6 months, one winner. Build your collection of TopTrump TopSpot cards and aim to win as many as you can. at the end of the game the player who holds the coveted TopSpot will win an exclusive, one of a kind deck of TopTrumps cards, consisting of the top most streamed artists on Spotify, signed by each Artist /Band.


  • D&AD New Blood Pencil.

Keywords: TopTrumps, Spotify, TopSpot

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