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Animation, BA (Hons)

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My online alias is “The LeAdHead”, I’m striving to expand my brand as I move out into the world. I hope to inspire people to pursue their Creative endeavours, in whatever mediums the may choose.

Recently I’ve picked up my artistic talent from a long period of neglect.
Being at Uclan has taught me how to manage workflow. its shaky but I’m getting the hang of it.

I want to have fun with what I do. I like to think I’m easy going but I tend to over think things.

With the assignment I wanted to bind facets of Noir, Monochrome and Linework. I had designed characters along with that in mind, going for a rubber hose toon style. I wanted to maintain a grounded perspective within the toon world as the characters interacted with each other so I gave them a rather detailed design for a Toon character.

Keywords: Comic, Romance, Detective, Noir, Toon

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