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Gizelle Molnar

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

About me

I am a Preston based multidisciplinary artist who works with ceramics, fabrics and paints. I like to produce vivid, colourful works using a variety of media including watercolours, acrylics and fabrics and like to produce work that has meaning to and relates to my life. I graduated with a BA in Ceramics from UCLAN and have just finished the MA Fine Art. I have exhibited in Preston, West Lancashire and Seoul, South Korea.

For the exhibit ‘Candid Snapshots and the Joy of Spontaneity’ I have produced a series of portrait paintings in acrylic on canvas and board which highlight the beauty of spontaneity and celebrate the unscripted times we share together. Taken from my library of images, these works represent special, personal interactions where I snapped unscripted moments on the fly, without warning. These simple images have a greater significance to both the friends who are the subjects and to me. Each image has a broader story to tell and a significance that is not apparent to anyone outside myself and them.


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Keywords: candid, spontaneous, acrylic, moment, colour

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