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Multidisciplinary Artist and Arts Based Researcher engaging with catharsis in nature.

Reconcile (2022) is the product of two years spent engaging with immersive nature-based practices for cathartic release, to work through a sense of dissociation following a period of turbulence. I swam in cold lakes and rivers, practiced breathwork, spent time in forests touching the trees, moss and soil, listening to and learning from their communal network. Through this process of wordless communication I found reconciliation with myself and nature. In nature I found catharsis and Reconcile is the vessel through which I took that journey. Every piece is a labour of catharsis from beginning to end.

Keywords: photography, art, multidisciplinary, film, analog, 35mm, blackandwhite, printmaking, darkroom, selfportrait, nature, reconcile, catharsis, therapeutic

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