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Fashion Promotion, BA (Hons)

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About me

I am currently a final year UCLan Fashion Promotion student looking for creative marketing opportunities at graduate level.

I am looking to develop my skills professionally within a wide range of creative and art led communication environments whilst initiating freelance work to satisfy my creativity and passion for styling and creative outcomes.

I am an individual who has a keen eye for creating new, innovative and quirky ideas. Through constant development of my design, creative and technical processes; I am someone who aims to use critical thinking to generate fresh and informed perspectives.

My main career goal is to strive for a better future. I wish to, at the very least, be working with a company who is striving for new and better ideals in regards to inclusivity, sustainability and innovation, and be working alongside positive and like-minded individuals who share a passion for communication led fields.

‘Ubi’ is a conceptual space and ‘sister brand’ to TU clothing that aims to provide innovative and exciting lingerie outcomes for mass market consumers; ensuring the current Sainsbury’s customer has further reason to ‘shop with them’ without the reliance of ‘price wars’. Aiming to set a precedent for mass market lingerie standards by offering greater accessibility to trend led and quality lingerie, sustainable packaging practices, and nationwide and cohesive fitting services that have wider reach than current market offerings.

What will Ubi do for me?

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Space Visualisation

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Experimenting is a major way I attain much of my visuals as a creative practitioner.

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Some more Styling Outcomes :)

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A mock up of the frontage of the conceptual Northern Quarter store, featuring details and explanation for the launch event in 2024.

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Promotional Video for the launch of the Ubi brand extension.

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Rewarded for shopping with Ubi.

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Keywords: Accessible, Lingerie, Fun, Styling, forward thinking, quirky, self love, diverse, trend led, cohesive

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