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I’ve always found great comfort in anything creative! Whether that be decorating a cake, painting my nails, henna art etc. I’ve recently transitioned from traditional art (mostly sketching and a dabble of watercolour) to digital art. I challenged myself a great amount in my MA project – it was the first time I illustrated digitally as well as animating the illustrations!

I’m a very feelings-focused person so I like to put my all in a project and try evoke emotion in the most authentic way possible. Being able to connect to my own work and then have an audience to connect to it too means a big deal to me.

This project is a self-expression of my personal experience with Social Anxiety. I wanted to share my story in a creative way to help provide a form of validation for other sufferers and discourage the feeling that they’re alone. I also hope to promote awareness to individuals who don’t suffer from Social Anxiety themselves.

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Keywords: graphic design, animation, illustration, mental health, book illustration, character illustration

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