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About me

I’m an Illustration BA(Hons) Graduate who went on to work with the ISAP at UCLan as an Assoiate Research Fellow within the Institute of Japanese Studies.

I’m an inclusivity advocate who likes to spend my time agonising over otome path decisions. I throw plastic plates at metal chains for fun as a member of the Don’t Shoot Disc Golf team and prance around in handmade costumes on the weekends.

My passion lies in character design but I like to dip my toes into UI and Texturing.

Nannahood Watch is a concept beat-em up game based on my real life neighbours, taking their personalities and turning them into fighting game characters has been a delightful project to undertake.

Qing-Victorian Lunar Mystery was a three word challenge brief, that developed into a rich cultural investigation into the past. A proof of concept video can be found on my website.

The two textured assets were for a group project I originally only concepted for, it became an exploration into different skills for myself and was incredibly rewarding.

Nannahood Watch Title Screen

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Nannahood Watch Character Sheet: Trish

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Nannahood Watch Character Sheet: Lyn

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Nannahood Watch Character Sheet: Ann

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Qing-Victorian Lunar Mystery Loading Screen

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Qing-Victorian Lunar Mystery Dialog and UI

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Qing-Victorian Lunar Mystery Character Designs

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Elevator Texture

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Watering Spout Texture

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Keywords: artist, illustrator, concept art, character design, UI, background artist, texturing, games design

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